Monday, September 19, 2011

Just a note...

Sorry i haven't posted in about a month (wait, it has been EXACTLY one month since i posted, crazy!) Anyways, I don't have a card for you today, but I just wanted to vent about something random.

Don't you hate it when people ask you, "if everyone jumped off a cliff, would you?"

It's just so annoying because
a) if EVERYONE IN THE WORLD jumped off a cliff, i would because obviously i would be the only one left in the world
b) the person who asks you always says it so snarky, like I am the older wise one.

I'm sorry im just venting today, a new card this week!! :)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm going overseas to visit my relatives in August, and I wanted to bring some cards over for them. I wasn't sure what to write (they're not sick, it's not their birthday, and I'm not thanking them for anything, so I just decided not to have a message, and handwrite a note inside instead.

I did clear emboss resist with broken china distress ink.

I added lots of diamond stickles!
By the way, i named the post overseas because the card is blue... and it's for overseas relatives..... :) me and my bad jokes. *sigh*

Saturday, July 16, 2011

one of a kind...

Hi! I made a really different card the other day, and I'm really excited to share! The sentiment isn't one of a kind, but I thought that would be a nice name for the card because of the rose. Without further ado:
I used broken china distress ink as the background, and spritzed it with water to get this spotty effect.

I stamped the sentiment "thinking of you" on the centerpiece cardstock multiple times with white ink so it would show up, but it wouldn't be too obvious.
Hope you enjoy! As always, leave any questions in the comments below!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Birthday!

New card today! I was playing around with colors and decided to do purple and green. I pretty happy with the way it turned out. I also experimented with distress inks and water on some other cards I'll show later.
The green and purple complement each other well, especially when there is more of one color than the other. The prima rose ties it all together by having purple petals, green leaves, and gold accents!

I'm so excited! I now have a set of drawers just for crafting! Plus, they're colorful too! It looks something like this:
Have a fantastic weekend!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


I've been REALLY busy with moving these past couple of weeks... you don't know you have a lot of stuff until you try moving it to another house. :) Anyways, I will be posting more cards soon! sorry for the delay. I'm also thinking about starting a youtube channel for cardmaking. I know some great ones out there that i watch all the time!

Thanks for being patient!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

girly, pink, dance card!

Hello everyone! I have made 2 dance cards, one of which I will share with you in this post! It's another picture tutorial. ;)

First I sketched--with a pencil--a dancer (in a leotard) doing a leg hold.

I masked off the "sparkle" part of the "thanks for making my life sparkle" sentiment from hero arts finding joy set.

From the front

Then I outlined the drawing with black ink and colored in the leotard with a blender pen and pink ink (you can just do this with a marker or color pencil). I added lots of diamond stickles to make it sparkle!!! :)
After, I added some pink chalk ink around the drawing with a makeup sponge. I also added a cute inside joke. :)
To finish, I added some pink pattern paper (as seen above), and lace paper trim on the sides. I added a little knot and chipboard heart (from me and my big ideas) on the corner. I rounded the corners of the little piece of card stock where i stamped "thanks for making my life...", and the card except for the left top corner. I stamped "sparkle!" inside the card.
Hope you enjoy! As always, ask in the comments below if you have any questions!

By the way, I have a new web address for my blog: , so don't follow my old one!! :)

Friday, June 10, 2011

Awesome Google Logo...

Have you checked out the new google logo today (Les Paul's 96th Birthday)? It is really a masterpiece! You can strum the lines, and even record your own music! Don't fear if you missed it, you can look at all the Google Logos HERE, they are truly all amazing! You can hear my creation HERE. It is kind of horrible, but it was really fun to make!

Other cards coming soon because I have to make some for some friends (who are ballerinas, so dance will probably be the theme).

Hope you have fun with the Google Logo for Les Paul's 96th Birthday!